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asdjkl; [(04:02)(Sep-22-05)]
[ mood | confused ]

wow its been forever and a day! lol end of shcool last year..thats liek a record. um yeha mo def cnat inform u about all thats happened..or id be here for like um ever? lol so um i guess summer was good? lol specially towards the end. and after everyone was out of fivestar. and now schools here again. lol it turely is the reptition of the reptition. which sucks. lol um yeah i havent stopped scine day one. and im about to liek collaspe. lol and um yeah field hockys ok this year..i cant stand some people though..lol not gunna say anoymore on that one. lol and right now some firends..are liek amazing <33 and others are um..there? idk werid situaitons in some cases, to say the least. lol

ohh and then theres the fact that im so totally stressed..and ive been liek flipping out. lol major meltdowns at times..haha junior year sucks!

and im wicked upset cuase i totally need to see exorsisom of emily rose..but nope cant this weekend either..unless i see it in the day...and thats not cool, cuase it would totalyl ruin it. lol wow im random.

and as much as this page rocks..its totalyl not me anymore. it was me a year ago..and im not the same person i was when my lover made it for me. i need to change it....hm...any ideas?

Can't Stand The Heat?

[ mood | curious ]

so im not sure if i still want to have this whole live journal thing anymore..people are starting to delete them but um idk. well w/e so things have been both complicated and confusing in my life recently. today was toms rectial and he did sooo good! hes an amazign dancer!! i had fun with jackie and gabs today too! wow i miss those guys! haha jackie and i were in toms house all alone for liek 2 hours! we searched for porn and ate muffins and got scared by dead owls! lol haha! wicked fun/akward times! the rectial it self was soo long with no intermission..so lasst night was megans show! she was incredible, i love her soo much. it seems liek this weekend turned out to be a good weekend afterall. i still havent heard from phillips yet and it makes me quite upset! i dotn even care if i get in, i just want to knwo or not. i cant belive that the school years almost over. all the seinors are done in liek 30 daysish. the schools gunna be so empty with them gone. specially my shakespere class and band. speaking of band percussion in finalyl over!! im liek so glad, that means i actualyl get to sleep in on sat!! but in some ways i kinda do miss it. i know it doesnt really make sense but i do? oh well no point in trying to make abusrdies make sense...schools looking alot better these days too! im not failing any clases so i suppose that thats a good thign. wow i have ADD. haha so i was suppose to go to boston with em today btu i had to go to toms thing instead. so were going over vaca instead to work on e^2!!!!! haha that should great/horrible! i dotn even know wat to do in some cases though..erin i think u know wat im getting at ;). haha sry that i corrupted ur life forever, but u made me tell u..lets just hope that its nto the truth! GOSH! i think im also startign to like someone that i dotn want to liek at alL! its soo not good cause i abosolutly cant liek him! it would ruin everything, so lets hope its a phase. oh man none of this makes sense but thats ok..its makes sense to me so its all good!!

"An instructer fell off a structure, and now the instrutor is on a stretcher!"

1 Got Out Of The Kitchen Can't Stand The Heat?

[ mood | confused ]

so its now thursday night and well i just finished a world history paper, which sucked...but oh well. im app is in oro phillips and well, we will see how things go..i dotn even know if i want to go anymore, im so confused! well today was ok, had school as always and well nothing to exciting happened, were watching dead poets society in english, wicked ill movie, and i stayed after for french as well. thta was interesting. i was suppose to go get my permit today with michelle but cheering got int he way. cheerigns goign well i guess, we kinda suck adn we have an invataional coming up, that sould be interesting. well about this whole phillips thing..i dotn mean to, but it seems liek lately ive been distancing myself from people..im not sure if its cause im scared ill be leaving and it will hurt soo much, or what. but im not meaning to do it and i feel bad. and lately im simply nto happy. well on that note im out...

3 Got Out Of The Kitchen Can't Stand The Heat?

[ mood | distressed ]

ahh so midterms just started...ew! and well we just got liek 3 feet of snow, and had school one day after it. well sunday night i slept over amandas, and then the next morning she came to help me shovel, and was over my home untill lateish. well today was the english and chem midterms..english was liek sooo easy, and well lets just say ill be happy wtih liek a 60 in chem. im so going down and compaling once again, casue we didnt learn like any of wat was actually on the test. its carzy and im detremined to get her fired. also next quater im beating kyle in math. i will be #1 and well if i actually do it im gunna liek throw a freaking party. haha kyle just to let u knwo..ur going down! haha im such a loser. ahh i need to go take a shower. im done.

2 Got Out Of The Kitchen Can't Stand The Heat?

[ mood | superkalafragilisticexbeladous ]

*Let it snow*

                                    *Let it snow*

                                 *Let it Snow!*   :o)

Can't Stand The Heat?

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